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The STEAM Fair includes Science, Technology Engineering Arts and Math. 
Thursday, May 5, 5-8pm @ HMS.
Doors open at 5pm and families can tour HMS for all the STEAM & Art projects. 

  • 4th Grade - Covered Wagons in the South Gym
    • The 4th graders have learned a lot about the Oregon Trail this year and are creating an improved covered wagon. When families traveled on the trail, the children had to walk 15 miles a day. We are making wagons that would have allowed the children to ride comfortably instead of walking. 
  • 5th Grade - Mars Colonies in STEAM Lab A
    • 5th grade is moving to Mars! Students are designing Mars colonies that can sustain life. 
  • 6th Grade - in STEAM Lab B and the Wellness Room
    • The 6th Grade will be presenting projects they’ve designed and engineered throughout the year along with some activities and demonstrations. Projects include Robotic Hands and Catapults. Demonstrations include the testing of Toothpick Bridges and Earthquake Towers.
  • 7th & 8th Grade - Individual projects & Robotics in the South Gym
  • Art - South Gym
    • The STEAM Fair is an opportunity for students to display their artwork. They curate and construct a gallery space to celebrate their artistic achievements. 
  • 4th/5th grades Vocal & Band Concert, 6pm, North Gym
  • 6th/7th/8th grades Vocal & Band Concert, 7pm, North Gym
    • Students have been hard at work preparing for the Spring Concert! 

Best of all…. Pie will be served in the cafeteria throughout the evening!