True Blue Award

Ashley Mason and Lavonda Shafto have been recognized as the True Blue honorees for spring 2024, celebrated for their outstanding dedication. We are delighted to acknowledge the extraordinary commitment of staff members who consistently go above and beyond.

Ashley Mason:  Ms. Mason truly just goes above and beyond for her kiddos and always gives it her all when working with the students! Miss Mason is a teacher that does not give up in her professional life and personal life. She does not give up on the children, the staff or teaching a lesson and so much more. She is doing LETTRS training and taking classes to get a Masters. I have worked personally with Miss Mason and she is always amazing me. She is a single parent and she is raising a responsible, beautiful caring daughter. Miss Mason is a strong role model for her daughter. She deserves to be recognized for all she does. She deserves the True Blue Award

Lavonda Shafto: Lavonda has been a great addition to our staff this year. She is a team player and will help out with different things. She loves the kids and will help to understand them. She seems them as the whole child in the lunch room. She shows up everyday with a positive attitude and willingness to help students and staff. She has been a great support in her position as a math para to support our students.