True Blue

Brenda Vermillion and Miranda Homewood emerge as the Fall 2023 True Blue honorees, celebrated for their exceptional dedication. It's our pleasure to recognize the remarkable efforts of staff members who consistently exceed expectations.

Brenda Vermilion: Is very dedicate at having her classroom be the best educationally and at being a place they can feel safe and loved. She is always first here bright and early preparing for the day. And I know she takes time at home wishing the best for each of them individually. She devotes time to learn and grow her self as a teacher when ever she can. Her hard work and care is an inspiration to all that work with her! She goes above and beyond for her students and staff.

Miranda Homewood: Miranda is friendly and is willing to do anything you ask of her. She is good at what she does and the Dragon extended care is fortunate to have her in that position. Miranda has many great qualities, but it is her positivity that is contagious. She is friendly, warm, and welcoming while working with her PreK team, students, and parents. I don't think I have ever witnessed her in a bad mood or negative. Miranda works hard and is always willing to offer her help and support despite her busy schedule with her own growing family all while pursuing her teaching degree. I really don't know how she balances it all. She is a great person, friend, colleague, and para. It will be fabulous to see her in action when she is a PreK teacher.

Congratulations to both of these amazing women.