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Internet Content Filtering

Halstead/Bentley School District uses Smoothwall as a content filtering and bandwidth management appliance that is CIPA compliant. Halstead/Bentley School District filters and logs all internet traffic generated from school owned devices both onsite and offsite.

Typically, blocked content will result in a message like the one below appearing in the browser window. Here are some important highlights and take-aways regarding content filter policies:

  • Not every instance of the block page indicates an attempt to access inappropriate materials. Websites that host viruses or malware are blocked as well many file storage and distribution sites including peer-to-peer networking services. The "Description" section of the block page typically indicates the reason for the block.
  • While many protections are in place to protect against illegal, copyrighted, or harmful content, they should in no way be considered a replacement for a firewall or virus protection.
  • Both allowed and blocked traffic is logged and archived for all school-owned devices regardless of whether the devices are at school, connected to a public hot-spot, or on a home WiFi network.
  • Occasionally, legitimate sites are mis-categorized or blocked when they shouldn't be. Please let a school official, Teacher know about this and the technical department can white-list websites after a thorough review.
  • Email Tech here for any questions - Click here
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Cyberbullying is the online equivalent of traditional bullying and is equally harmful and counter-productive. As technology continues to integrate into daily life, awareness of cyberbulling and the role it plays in digital citizenship is paramount.

Below are several links regarding Cyberbullying:

Cyberbullying - Wikipedia definition, history, and vast amount of information on Cyberbullying - A great resource for information on Cyberbullying and how to prevent and report incidents - Resoruces for educators, parents, and teens

the Ophelia project - Free programs and curriculum to raise awareness and take action against Cyberbullying