HHS Redesign

USD 440 was one of nineteen school districts from across the state selected to take part in the Gemini II school redesign project. Teachers and administrators from both Halstead High School and Halstead Middle School spent the 2018-19 school year preparing for launch by attending redesign trainings, researching, collaborating, visiting other schools, and gathering input from students, parents and community members. All the changes made for the 2019-20 school year were designed in an effort to increase student engagement, personalization, and success.

Our goals for this year are to...

1. Improve the overall mental, emotional and physical health of our students.

2. Make every minute of the school day more valuable.

3. Prepare students to be leaders in the community and vocations.

How will we accomplish these goals?

HHS built their plans around KSDE's four redesign principles:

1. Personalized Learning

2. Community Partnerships

3. Student Success Skills

4. Real World Applications

Our Building "Why": The reason behind anything we do at school is to help students grow and develop positive skills: academic and critical thinking skills as well as life skills - leadership, goal setting, healthy choices, etc. Our school needs to be redesigned to better help ALL students meet these goals. Redesign can also create avenues for our staff to become better teachers by having opportunities to work together and see what we are already doing well. ALL students can benefit from a redesign where we create improved relationships and there are more experiences that lead them to have confidence in their ability to be successful. So, why not?

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