Counseling Resources

National Suicide Prevention Life line 18002738255
Kansas School Safety Hotline 18776268203

Harvey County Health Department Guide contains listings of area social, health, support, educational and employment services in Harvey County. Harvey County Resource Guide - Click Here

Marijuana Use & Educational Outcomes - Click Here

Marijuana Facts - Click Here

Under Age Drinking - Click Here

Drunk Driving Facts - Click Here

Teen Line Hotline - Click Here

Domestic Violence Hotline- Click Here

National Suicide Hotline - Click Here

Kansas Bullying Prevention Hotline - Click Here

USD #440 Suicide Guide Lines - Click Here

Suicide Prevention - Click Here

Prevention Information - Click Here

Suicide Facts - Click Here

Other Treatment & Referral Options

Local Counseling Reference List - Click Here

Mirror Integrated Health - Click Here

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association - Click Here

Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator - Click Here

Buprenorphine Physician & Treatment Program Locator - Click Here

Opioid Treatment Program Directory - Click Here

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