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Kansas Reading Roadmap (KRR) After School Program

Sharla Warren

Sharla Warren

KRR Director


Mission: To provide a literacy based, educational program where students can grow and improve their reading skills by third grade. This program specializes in helping children aged Kindergarten through Third grade, that are struggling readers gain confidence and become more comfortable in their reading skills and abilities.

Cost: This program is grant funded and is 100% free to parents and children.

Times: Monday- Thursday 3:00-5:00 pm. Transportation provided.

Activities: Each child will attend three rotations during their two hour block. The rotations include, a Healthy Choices time where the children will play and participate in a PE environment, while learning the values of nutrition. They will also attend an Individual Skills Reinforcement group where they will focus on the skill they are needing to become super readers. The last rotation they will attend is a Structured Read Aloud and Vocabulary group, where they will explore the world of reading by listening to an adult read a story, then have the opportunity to play vocabulary games.

While KRR is a learning based program, we believe that learning can and should be fun. The children will grow and learn while having fun. We also believe that achievements should be celebrated. The students in this program work hard. We love to celebrate them with a once a month party to focus on the achievements and advances that the children have made.

There is no program on no school days.

We also offer a summer school program where the children will be offered science, reading, STEM, Community Service and Enrichments. This program runs the month of June, Monday-Friday. 8:00-1:00 with lunch provided. We also attend a field trip every Friday and this program is also 100% free to parents and students.

For information please contact Program Coordinator, Sharla Warren swarren@usd440.com or (316)835-3000 ext 2138