USD 440


Information Technology Department

Our Mission

The mission of the Technology Department is to create, support, assess, and maintain an optimal technology environment for student education and administrative support in the School District of Bentley/Halstead USD#440.


We are located at Halstead/Bentley District Office | Address and Driving Direction (Via Google Maps)

Our Technology Plan

Halstead/Bentley USD #440 Technology Plan 

Our Vision

Vision and PlanTo participate in the ever-changing global community, Education Technology Services will give students, educators, parents and stakeholders access to information, which allows for the effective integration of technology into the learning process.

We envision a community which promotes the transition of information into knowledge and the development of questioning learners.

While technology is a means of providing assistance, it is of value only to the extent to which student achievement and student support services are enhanced. To that end, we have identified certain benefits and outcomes such as:

  • Administrators can expect to be better informed about school operations and district decision making.
  • Educators can expect greater support in the development and implementation of technology strategies.
  • Parents and stakeholders can expect increased opportunities to participate in the educational process along with a more efficient and equitable use of financial and human resources.

 What we do?

Halstead/Bentley Technology Department is responsible for all facets of District technology and for implementing the district’s strategic technology plan.

Some of the areas for which we have responsibility and not limited to the followings:
Building Management Systems

Building Security Systems
Time Attendance System
Network Infrustructure
Telecommunications Systems (PBX, VOIP, and PTP Connections)

Hardware and software implementations
IT Project Management and Delivery
District Internet security
Google(G) Suite For Education
Operation and management of Student Information Systems
Operation and management of Educational Testing Systems
All internet connectivity including wireless Systems
Tech Call center and help desk

 Instructional Technology

The mission of Instructional Technology is to grow teachers by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to support learning in the 21st century.  With that mission in mind, the instructional technology team strives to provide focused, intentional professional development that aligns with each school's yearly instructional goals.  Because technology integration often focuses on the technology tool itself, we want to provide training that supports and enhances the important work our teachers are already doing in the classroom. 

USD #440 is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, age or handicapping condition in employment, admissions, education program, or other activities operated by the district.