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    News from the Superintendent
    Thomas J. Alstrom

    Education has become one of the toughest fields to maintain the high standards and expectations we would like to see in our school systems. We have a product that everyone wants (an education), but there are several of our state leaders that do not want to pay for it. Without the proper funding, our local schools are going to struggle to provide the quality of education we have had in the past.

    In one of the latest surveys I have read, Kansas rates 11th in the nation for value in education and the number of students that are successful in taking their high school education to a higher level. Even though Kansas is below average on what we spend on education, our government thinks it is too much and continually attacks our educational financial system.

    In spite of the struggles with funding for our local education system, we have found that the local community has great pride in USD 440 and continues to support what we are doing in the district.

    We were able to reduce taxes last year but will have to rely on the patrons of USD 440 to help us out again this year due to the States inability to fund education. Through all of this we will maintain the high expectations of this community and the long history of the school system and give our students the quality education they deserve.

    We have maintained our focus this year on making our teachers the best they can be by continuing to train and evaluate them on the Classroom Instruction That Works model from McRel. This is a well-researched process that not only helps teachers focus on their teaching but is designed to help keep students engaged in the learning process.

    Our main goal is to keep our students engaged in the educational process and strive to continuously improve what we can do for the students to make them successful learners. We have spent a lot of time and effort in developing Career Pathways to help guide our students into the future and come out of high school prepared to make a decision on what they would like to pursue for a career.

    Education is changing and we are working hard to lead the way when it comes to providing for our students. Please remember: "Education is not expensive, it is priceless".